Paleo Brownies (Double Chocolate)

Paleo Brownies

I am back to creating some recipes now.  I never really left but all the recipe brain power went into our brand new book The Paleo Kitchen which is available for purchase now.  The extremely talented and hilarious Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and I teamed up to create this book together.  We spent 12 months […]

Raw Pumpkin Brownies

Raw Brownies Pumpkin Frosting

So before we get to the recipe, I have a very special request to make.  I made the top 6 of the annual Homies awards.  It has been a dream of mine since starting this website and I can almost taste it. The voting period ends February 13th at 1159 PM EST and I could […]

Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies

Sweet Potato Brownies

So what is new in the world of the caveman?  Well that is a good question and I have a not so typical blabbing caveman answer.  Why you ask?  Because I am freezing my paleolithic loin cloth covered butt off in Philadelphia.  I love how the day before I flew here it was 65 degrees […]

Pumpkin Blueberry Blondies with Raspberry Honey Frosting


So I have been sitting on this Pumpkin Blueberry Blondie recipe for a little over a week, not because I don’t love you but because I took a minor vacation up to Paso Robles for my sisters wedding.  I am still here in my hotel room getting ready to drive home and I decided I […]

Almond Butter Blueberry Brownies


So I honestly made this recipe so I could showcase one of the most amazing People I know.  I mean I know a lot of amazing people thanks to having this website and being in the Paleo community, but one stands out above the rest and she needs to be recognized.  Her name is Mee […]

Blueberry Espresso Brownies

Paleo brownies

Yea so once again I want to thank each and every one of you awesome fans for always sticking by my side whether I am posting recipes daily, weekly, or monthly or not.  My life has been a whirlwind of events that are totally consuming all my time but I am trying my best to […]

Pumpkin Brownies with Pumpkin Pie Frosting

Pumpkin Brownie

So the votes were tallied and this is what everyone wanted.  I have to apologize for taking so long to post this but as you all know I have been holding recipes hostage until I raised money to reach my goal for my Steve’s Club Fundraiser which is still going on HERE.  I have not […]

Strawberry Almond Brownies


So here is a variation on the Apricot Brownies I made.  You can call these brownies if you cut them this way or a cake, the texture is right in the middle but once you taste them you won’t care what you call them but GONE.  Feel free to get creative and change with all […]

Apricot Brownies, Flourless


These are by far the best Paleo brownies that I have made or had.  A lot of my baked goods are delicious but these are just straight up amazing and the possibilities are endless for adding fruits or nuts or some Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.  I hope you enjoy this absolutely amazing treat and make […]

Chocolate Bacon Bites


Shockingly delicious bacon brownies that are totally Paleo and who would have thought.  So this dessert totally plays into my recent Pork kick.  I was going to just dip some bacon in chocolate but decided to do one better.  Here you end up with Chocolate Bacon Brownies which can easily be converted to a cake.  […]