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So before I even start my typical blog post rant, I will just refresh your memory on why I am posting this recipe.  Yesterday on my Facebook Page I posted a picture of bacon cooked inside of pancakes and it was amazing, and you all asked for the recipe.  You can see the picture HERE.  So are you hungry now?  This is the recipe I used to make that.  So I cooked my bacon like I traditionally do, in the oven until it comes out nice and crispy which is PERFECT. I then took the cooked bacon, placed it in the skillet and poured this amazing pancake batter over the top until I had, wait for it……….. Perfect Paleo Pancakes with bacon inside.  Your welcome for changing your life.

PaleoPancake1 Perfect Paleo Pancakes

By all means feel free to experiment with this recipe.  This is the perfect base to let your imagination run wild.  You can add some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice for a fall like flavor or even some cocoa powder to make some chocolate pancakes, YUMMY.  Change up the nut butters and use maybe one of my Pumpkin Nut Butters to spice up the flavors and keep the creativity going.  I love reading your comments about how creative you all get so please keep sharing.  It inspires me to keep getting crazy in the kitchen and trying to deliver you the best recipes I can.

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If you are still reading, I just want you to know I appreciate you sticking around.  I truly appreciate every comment, suggestion, like, tweet, share etc.  They make me all warm and fuzzy inside and I love the support.  I will always keep posting recipes for free for you to enjoy, I just ask that you continue to share my page with your friends, family, loved ones, or even strangers as every visit helps.  I hope I can continue to fill your bellies with delicious food as it truly is my passion.  If you make this one, please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Perfect Paleo Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Preheat a skillet to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Combine all of your ingredients in your blendtec, blender, or food processor and mix well until you have a batter
  3. Grease your skillet with coconut oil and pour your batter making 3-4 inch pancakes
  4. Cook 2-3 minutes per side and then flip for 2-3 minutes
  5. Serve topped with some grass-fed butter or topping of your choice
  6. Enjoy
These are the closest thing I have ever come to pancakes and they are delicious. They are easy to flip as long as you keep them reasonable size, around 6 inches across.

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 Perfect Paleo Pancakes  Perfect Paleo Pancakes  Perfect Paleo Pancakes  Perfect Paleo Pancakes


  1. Sounds great to me. I always keep overly ripe bananas in the freezer for times like this but after I pick up a jar of almond butter I’m going to see how they fare to making these like a lolipop since they have to be made small in diameter.

  2. I am a paleo beginner and I have to say these were amazing and so simple. I LOVE banana bread and since starting paleo last week I have really been missing my breads. I was getting sick of eggs, veggies, and almonds so I turned to the internet and was very pleased to find these. You do have to be patient though! but man, they are just what I need for a breakfast on the go. I also made the muffins that one of the comments suggested and they were great as well! You can’t eat them warm, because they taste like banana flavored quiche, but I let them cool completely and I could not tell a difference between them and my favorite banana bread recipe. LOVE it! Thank you for this!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Excellent recipe. It turned out great! One thing… my mistake… nothing to do with the recipe, I didn’t read the part to make them tiny at first. So, my first two pancakes were regular pancake sizes and were a little moist in the middle, so the outside ended up being too dry while I was waiting for the inside to cook. HOWEVER, when I poured them in the smaller size as instructed, it turned out great.

  4. Mer. Lol. Mine didnt turn out :(. And one thing I habe to say is 350° doesnt help me when it comes to cooking ON the stove. I dont have a temperature for the flame. Only high medium and low. So I heated it to medium but it didnt seem to be hot enough (each stove is different) so I heated it a little hotter than medium and followed the directions. They flipped fine because I used a nonstick skillet. But they came out mushy. I even cooked them 4 minutes on each side which you only said 2-3 minutes on each side. Iused sesame seed butter but it is similar to almond so I figured itd be fine. Not sure that the nut butter is the issue. I tried turning down the burner as well. Nothing worked. Still mushy. Ate them as to not waste anything but it tasted like I was eating wet undone pancakes. Not a fan.

  5. Anne Graham says:

    Very good! My son, who is not a fan of banana bread or muffins was not crazy about them, but my daughter and I loved them. It is true that they need to be cooked slowly, but with patience, they came out perfect!

  6. This was my first time making a recipe like this. I was skeptical at first that pancakes could be made without flour so I made 3 different types of pancakes for brunch (hedging my bets that my everyone in my family would like at least one kind). The other 2 types had flour so I can say the texture of these are slightly different but not much. These were actually very good and very filling. Great recipe!

  7. AMAZING! I had my doubts as if these would be close to my beloved pancakes I miss so much. I read through all of the previous comments and took the advice of being very patient with cooking – I always flip the first batch too quickly with any pancake recipe :-) It was so hard to believe they cooked and fluffed just like my totally unhealthy pancakes. George, this one is a keeper for me. I plan to cook a big batch for the week and freeze for breakfasts on the go – no toppings needed for these babies.

  8. These were excellent!

  9. These sound delicious and so simple! Plus, I love the variations on the theme everyone is mentioning…. pumpkin, zucchini…. We’ll definitely try some out this weekend!

  10. We absolutely loved them — used almond butter, kept them about 3-4 inches across. They were light, tasty and fantastic. I thought they only tasted vaguely like bananas — a good thing if you like bananas as you can tell they are made with them, but also a good thing if you’re not particularly a banana fan. Home run, George, thanks so much. New breakfast staple for us —-

  11. Add a small, mashed, baked sweet potato (I always have one or two in my fridge for snacks…is that weird?). This will solve the consistency issue and the flavor goes nicely with the cinnamon. I also add a pinch of nutmeg, splash of coconut milk, and dark chocolate chips when I’m feeling sweet.

  12. I need to remake this another time with almond butter. I tried them with sunbutter because I was out of almond butter and they were horrible. Husband and kiddo both looked like they were going to vomit when the took a bite. I figured they were overexagerating and tried one…nope, dumped the rest of the batter. The dog even spit them out…

  13. Can I use peanut butter instead of almond butter?

  14. To say I was skeptical before trying these is putting it mildly. They were DELISH! I took to heart the comments about cooking them slowly and had good success. It makes breakfast take a long time unless you have a big skillet/griddle, but it’s so worth it.

  15. Easy and great recipe. The gelatin was a wonderful tip because my batter was also too thin. Extra protein and helped with thickening. Thanks!

  16. Delicious! Kept them small and cooked over low heat in a non-stick pan with some ghee.

  17. I tried adding some blueberries and now I can’t flip them? Troubleshooting? More egg or more banana or more nut butter?

  18. the flavor of these is amazing!!!!!! But… the consistency created a big issue.. they were so thin that i kept burning them/not cooking the middle all the way through. I flipped too early or too late.. it was kind of a mess in my kitchen this morning. Half way through I added almond flour to try and thicken them up.. no dice! I still ate them because they were tasty, but not easy to execute. Any advice?!

  19. Omigosh! I can’t wait to try this recipe tomorrow!! I will have to make a 2/3 version of it though, as I only have 2 bananas on hand and I seriously doubt I am going to be up to running to the store before I make breakfast. :)

    I’m so *stoked* about making these pumpkin-y (though I won’t be doing this tomorrow), and about your pumpkin nut butter… I think I may have just found my pumpkin aficionado sole mate!! ;) You’re awesome, and I hope someday to learn how to be an amazing food scientist as are you!

  20. Just made these for me and my hubby and we were both in breakfast heaven. Thanks for sharing this super fast and easy pancake recipe. This will become a regular in the house along with your amazing paleo banana bread!

  21. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been looking for a low carb, high fat/protein recipe for a long time. All others failed and this one was perfect. I’m not really paleo so I added some very non paleo items to this recipe. But it turned out really yummy! Used pumpkin, pnb, and whey protein powder! Made about 9 cakes- and 3 were very filling. So I’m excited to have pancakes for breakfast for the next two days :D

  22. Patty Perkins says:

    This recipe is amazing. very easy to make. They.were delicious and healthy! I ate them.with.fresh strawberries. Didn’t even need maple syrup!

  23. I have searched every paleo website for pancakes, and these are the best. Great, simple recipe.
    Thanks so much!

  24. Thank you so much for doing all the research to get your recipes to taste so delicious. I have some bananas dying ;) to be used for these pancakes. Love your banana bread and honey muffin recipes too. It does making paleo eating enjoyable as well as healthy! You and paleOMG are my go-tos as well!

  25. Hey George,

    Wanting a recipe for pancakes for breakfast and thought “check George’s website”. As always you had just what I was looking for!

    We’ve tried so many pancake recipes since going Paleo, this is by far the best!

    So from two very satisfied Paleons in Port Hedland, Western Australia: thank you!

  26. Hi George,
    I made these pancakes for breakfast today. Incredible! I didn’t think they would come out this good without flour, but they did. I had to play with the heat setting a bit until I found the right number for my stovetop.
    Between you and Juli at paleOMG, I’m finally going to be able to stick my paleo lifestyle, and lose this weight. (I have over 140lbs still to go, but I’m seeing great results)
    Anyway – thank you so much for creating recipes that even a picky eater like can love!!!

  27. You may need some almond flour in your recipe. I made some paleo pancakes just this morning and mixed the following: 1 mashed up banana, 1 organic egg, 1/2 cup almond flour, 2 T almond butter, cinnamon to taste, and ~1/4 c almond or coconut milk to thin the batter as desired. Butter the pan or use walnut oil, cook as usual. Flip when bubbles form or batter turns golden brown. Top with fruit like strawberries or blueberries, more butter, bacon, or w/ organic 100% maple syrup. This batch makes 6 small, nutty pancakes which serves 2 (unless one is really hungry! I can’t recall where to credit the recipe, but it sure is good.

  28. Melissa Waldrop says:

    The recipe was a little runny for me, but made a yummy crepe! I added about 1 tbs of grass-fed gelatin, and tada! a beautiful pancake. My husband and 5 year old son approved with 5 stars. (This is the 3rd pancake recipe I’ve tried, and they threw the others in the trash.) This is our new pancake recipe!!! Thank you!!

  29. Jessica says:

    Love your recipes! This one I’ve been meaning to try! I made them this morning! They taste wonderful. I had them with ghee and raw honey! Yum! Anyway, I could not get them to “rise” or fluff up like your beautiful ones in the picture. That we’re just flat. They were delicious, just not very pretty! Any tips?

  30. Rebecca says:

    My first week of Paleo too! Just made these and OMG they were awesome!! So light and tasty, the cinnamon makes them I think. They don’t need anything with them ( although we had strawberries) Yum Yum I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow!!

  31. I realize that this is the silliest question and maybe it relates to the mushy question someone else had. I tried making these about a month ago and had an awful hard time flipping them without them either sticking to the turner or them breaking all apart on me. How can I get them to turn like those inflammatory pancakes that people make (very easy)?

    • Nicole patience is the key to these, you have to let them cook on one side longer than you think they need to and can also only be a few inches across, not large

  32. Crystal Brown says:

    Tried making these and they turn out mushy. What can I do to prevent that without just burning them?

  33. Lindsey says:

    Do you think the batter will keep overnight if I mix it and put it into tupperware containers for the morning? Or should I just go ahead and make them at night and put the pancakes in the fridge?

  34. I have some questions re: the bananas called for in your pancakes recipe. 1) What size of bananas do you use (small, medium or large)? 2) What degree of ripeness should they be? Do they need to be very ripe, black skinned bananas? TIA

    • Medium and just regular yellow unless you want them sweeter than use darker bananas

      • Thank you, George! I have not had pancakes since I went wheat-free last fall. These look yummy and very easy to make. I bought my first jar of creamy almond butter yesterday so I am eager to make these for my daughter and me in the near future. Pancakes used to be our weekend treat so we’ve missed that special breakfast for a really long time now.

  35. Seriously. Your recipes keep me up at night. Or maybe it’s the thought of you…in my kitchen….making your recipes that keeps me up. Nevermind my personal fantasies, haha. These were great! Made them today, with a few changes. I used about 1/2 cup pumpkin for the bananas, added a little maple syrup, vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice. Used my ebelskiver pan (love that thing) and put some apple butter in the middle of some of them. YUM! And yes, it’s 80 degrees out here, but pumpkin is my weakness. Your pumpkin butter is next on my list to try.

  36. This is my first week eating paleo and I’m over eggs for breakfast! These look super easy to make – only problem is that I hate bananas. (Weird, I know.) Do they taste like banana? Also, what’s your take on pure maple syrup grade B? Can it be used in moderation?

    Thank you so much for all of the great recipes. Your website has made my sister-in-law and my transition to paleo much easier and given us much more hope of surviving our 30 day challenge!

    • It does mildly taste like bananas and yes you can eat it in moderation

    • Sometimes I just don’t want the banana flavor either. So I decided that processing other fresh fruits/vegetables to the consistency of applesauce would give me some variety. The mildest I have tried so far are apples and zucchini. The eggs really provide the structure, so if it’s a little juicy, like pineapple, you may want just a bit more egg than fruit, and a good hot pan to keep them from spreading too much. However, I have also realized (accidentally the first time) that I can make a thinnish one the size of my skillet, flip it, and have a nice wrap too. Just don’t cook it too dry or it splits like egg when you bend it. Extra coconut oil/butter in the mix helps that a little. Made with pureed homemade salsa, it’s fantastic with some seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sour cream. Made with pureed zucchini, the most versatile savory (spice it up!) one, I think, that is particularly good with mediterranean-spiced lamb and some garlic and cucumber in sour cream (I miss my shawarma). I’m still working with the ratios to get a wrap that consistently doesn’t break, so I can eat it like a tortilla/flatbread, but I usually end up eating it with a fork any way.

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