Mint Chip Ice Cream – Against All Grain Book Review

Against All Grain

Danielle Walker is quickly becoming one of my favorite people: transforming her life and saving it through food. A true testament to the power of food as medicine. Read her story about her own health transformation here.  The author of the popular blog, Against All Grain, Danielle has now come out with a 150+ recipe […]

Magimix Vision Toaster ($249.00 Value)


In celebration of me being a guest on the Primal Cooking Workshop, I have decided to give away some awesome swag.  In the videos you get for FREE, you get to watch 15 Recipe experts walk you through how to create their favorite meals on video.  You even get to watch me, sorry in advance.  […]

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have a confession, I LOVE COOKIES.  I know that may not seem like much of a secret but I love trying to create new cookies that are delicious and everyone loves.  I believe I hit a home run with these.  They are easy to make, cook fast and stay nice and soft.  The level […]

Avocado Stuffed Burger


So this recipe was born thanks to some awesome farmers I always have at my local farmers market.  Of course I only needed 5 avocados to whip up some amazing Avocado Chocolate Pudding and they always give me extra so I was stranded with extra green fat and didn’t know what to do with them.  I […]

Garlic Cauliflower Soup


I have to apologize in advance before you read this one, I am exhausted and my writing may just be a little discombobulated.  But honestly, who are we kidding?  First off, I should get bonus points for just using the word discombobulated and spelling it right.  Second,  my writing is always like that so you […]

Almond Butter Banana Pudding


I am going to keep this post short, mainly because I don’t have a lot of time to type.  I get on an airplane tomorrow to fly to Washington DC for the Beyond Bacon release party with Paleo Parents.  Normally that wouldn’t be a good reason not to type a lot, except I haven’t done […]