Perfect Paleo Burger

Paleo Burger

Normally I don’t post new recipes until Sunday, but this burger was soooo perfect and simple I had to type it right away to share.  Given the current temperature in Southern California, I am sure I am not the only one using the grill to beat the heat.  So here you go just in time […]

Almond Butter Banana Cookies

Almond Butter banana cookie

So I made a mistake.  I forgot to post a recipe on Sunday and it wasn’t on purpose.  I was just spending an excessive amount of time away from the computer eating delicious food and making great memories with some friends.  It really felt great to unplug a bit and I plan on doing it […]

Beyond Bacon – Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge

Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents copy 2

One of the best principals I see in many people of the Paleo movement is learning to respect the whole animal – making your own bone broth, rendering fats, the uses are endless. When going Paleo, one will put a toe in and eat animal fats once thought “unhealthy”, eventually diving in and going offal […]

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie with Bacon


Yes, you read the title right.  This is a Bacon Chocolate Banana Cream Pie with a Bacon Crust if you feel so inclined.  You can thank the culinary genius behind Elana’s Pantry for the inspiration for this recipe.  You see, that woman is nothing short of amazing with all that she does and we have […]

Paleo Donuts with Chocolate Ganache


Well, they did it again and I have no idea how.  The Paleo power couple behind The Food Lover’s Kitchen managed to write two stunning cookbooks and plan a wedding in the same year.  I need to know what they are putting in their bulletproof coffee and get my hands on some of it.  I […]

Chocolate Espresso Pork Belly


So everyone knows I love bacon but I don’t want anyone to think that I discriminate against any of the other amazing things you can do with pork belly.  Lately, I have been working hard at mastering my own homemade bacon but I haven’t perfected it enough to share yet.  Since I had a plethora […]

Sausage and Onions


Just in case you haven’t heard, Juli from PaleOMG and I just finished our first cookbook together.  This thing is a piece of beauty and you can get it now :)  Click on the cover picture above :) I suppose we should talk about the recipe huh?  To be honest, when I was a kid […]