Cocoa Espresso Almond Butter

Chocolate Almond Butter

Wow, so I have to say it has been really difficult traveling and living in a hotel room with a non working sink, no kitchen, and very FEW options to get any remotely Paleo food.  I have obviously made it work, with the help of lots of intermittent fasting but man I can’t wait to […]

Practical Paleo – Smoky Burgers with Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce

Grassfed Smoky Burgers

As most of you know, I spent the past weekend at the 2012 Crossfit Games.  Well I wasn’t only shooting photos, I was hanging out and spending quality time with a few amazing friends that I don’t get to see too often.  Well I now must confess, the only reason I started a Paleo Cooking blog […]

Kiwi Popsicles

Kiwi Pops

So what an amazing weekend I had at the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games.  I am lucky enough to live in So Cal where they take place so of course I got to see all my usual awesome friends that I love but also got to hang with all my besties flying in from out of […]

Grilled Spiced Peaches

Grilled Peaches

So I am sitting here wanting to pull my lack of hair out.  You know your frustrated when your bald and you still try and pull out what tiny hair follicles you have.  Grrrrrr.  So this post was a little longer but wordpress has decided it wanted to keep deleted what I typed, so I […]

Peach BBQ Short Ribs

Crockpot Beef Short Ribs

So I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July yesterday. Not only do I hope you had some amazing food from amazing BBQ’s with amazing friends, but I also hope you took a few moments to appreciate what the day is and what it means. As you all know the holidays like these hit […]

Hickory Smoked Beef Back Ribs

Beef Back Ribs

Huge shootout to US Wellness Meats on this product.  They are partially cooked Beef Back Ribs.  They take all the guess work out of making a delicious meal.  You can pretty much take these, slather them with whatever flavors you want, wrap them in foil and bake them or grill them for 2 hours and […]