Sage and Cinnamon Chicken


I had to post this one after I posted the Sweet Potato Pasta the other day, since I ate them together.  You can do this recipe with any part of the chicken you want, I just happened to have some drumsticks on hand but feel free to experiment and get back to me.  I am […]

Sweet Potato Pasta

Sweet Potato Pasta

I will keep this one short and sweet so you can enjoy this delicious recipe. But a huge shootout to the Awesome Ashley Tudor, Author of the awesome book for this recipe. I wish I could be half as creative with sweet potatoes as she is with the recipes in her book but she definitely […]

Lemon Brussel Sprouts


First off I want to thank every single one of you amazing readers and fans I have for always being there to help me spread the good health word.  I do my best whenever I can to give back to you as much as I can as often as I can and I appreciate you […]

Chocolate Avocado Fruit Parfait


So I can’t take much credit for this recipe except for the fruit that’s in it and a few added spices.  The Chocolate Avocado Pudding was all the mastermind of my Best Friend Jessi over at PaleoFriggenDelish.  Do me a favor and head over and like her page.  She has some amazing creations on her […]

$4,000 Memorial Day Giveaway


***Congratulations Jennifer G, check your email*** This giveaway is now closed Alright everyone, I pulled out all the stops on this one. I begged, borrowed, and sweet talked my way into getting you some awesome prizes and all to celebrate a Holiday very near and dear to my heart. As most of you know, I […]