ENDED – 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway $1800 Prize – ENDED


**This contest is over. Congratulations Heidi M.** This Giveaway is my way of saying thank you to each and every one of you for following along and supporting my Paleo journey as well as my teaching myself how to cook journey.  I still can’t believe that there are over 17,000 fans on my Facebook Page but I […]

Bison Stew


Woot woot so it continues to be a busy busy busy life I have.  I am doing my best to get on here as much as I can and keep giving you all recipes.  I am not going anywhere, so just bear with me as I keep trucking through life and doing my best to […]

Sweet Caveman Pie


So I know you are all waiting for this recipe so I will keep it short.  First off, let me tell you, apparently I am really creative when sleep deprived after 48 hours and thats how this recipe was born.  Even the photos, I managed to use my camera with all the buttons looking blurry […]

Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Blackberry BBQ Sauce


So I got an amazing new toy a couple weeks ago and I have been putting some serious miles on it.  It is the most amazing tool any meat lover would kill for.  It’s a Royall 3000 Wood Pellet Grill and it seriously changed my life.  I mean I am sure there are plenty of BBQ […]

Bacon Bison Butternut Squash Chili (Triple B Chili)


Phew so its been a while since I actually had time to type something in a post and I really do miss all of you.  This one is going to be short due to my impending bed time I see ticking away in front of me, but something is better than nothing right.  Well the […]

Fan Photos Giveaway Round-up

Fan Photo Graphic

***THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED*** A few months ago, the paleo food blog-o-sphere went buckwild when Robb Wolf called for entries into a holiday round-up competition. There were some awesome judges and prizes for those that won in their category.  Thanks to your votes, we’ve got some prizes to share! Since my blogging friends Tara from The Foodie and […]