Pumpkin Spice Chicken Cacciatore


  So I WAS going to save this recipe and wait til before thanksgiving to post it, but I have had enough interest with me teasing everyone with the photo that I just felt bad :( Besides the voting, I feel like an ass for making people begging for this recipe wait while I teased […]

Broccoli Fritters


  Yea so this post is gonna be short and sweet, it’s pretty much a shrine to my Paleo Almond Butter Queen Juli from PaleOMG.  Without even knowing her, the fact that she named her blog PaleOMG better make her a rock star in your book.  Couple that with her very similar addiction of almond […]

"Spaghetti" with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


It’s so amusing to me to look back over my blog from when I started it back in April, and watch it progress to where it is now, still a Rookie Junior Varsity blogger.  I am ok with that title but I must thank you all for supporting me in the beginning, it was rough […]

Crock Pot Rump Roast


First off, please forgive me for this horrible picture, I made this before I knew food photography was a whole seperate art form.  I am working on getting them way more appetizing for you now.  I hope you realize that you just learned the most valuable life lesson to this day, support local farming and […]

Crock Pot Beef Tongue with Roasted Pepper Sauce


So I am very aware some of you are not venturous, so you get an amazing Beef tongue recipe with a mild insight into my life in case you don’t want to make this.  But I challenge each and everyone of you too, I only did cause my Mr. and Mrs. Miyagi, the power couple […]

Garlic Grilled Veggies


I absolutely love me some grilled vegetables with a nice char on the outside, especially cauliflower.  This is a perfect summer time recipe that pairs well with anything you can cook on the grill and is super simple, prep, wrap in foil, and grill.  Hope you enjoy :) Garlic Grilled Veggies Prep time 10 mins […]

Grilled Guacamole


So I had made a Guacamole last week which was a huge hit to the party I brought it too but I still didn’t think that it was a stand out dish.  The fact that I ate it was amazing as I just introduced avocados into my life about 2 months ago but I still […]

Macadamia Nut Coconut Cookies


What a killer name right?  How original of me, actually not really.  It stands for Coconut Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie Balls.  Wow that is a mouthful, hence why I shortened up to try and get your attention :).  So yeah, what a week it has been following the holiday period; the Famous San Diego […]

Chocolate Cherry Pie

Chocolate Cherry Pie

The other day I had someone on the website request a cherry pie and I did my best.  This was my first attempt and it came out amazing.  Some people might not like it so feel free to tweak it to your taste buds.  The chocolate after taste from the crust is heaven to me […]

Paleo Comfort Foods – Recipe/Review – Breakfast "Burrito"

A simple and delicious breakfast burrito recipe from Paleo Comfort foods

So I have been pondering the best way for me to describe myself when I received my advance copy of Paleo Comfort Foods.  I got it, remember back in those elementary school days when the biggest concern you had was who had the coolest lunch box?  It was like a right of passage back when […]