Baked Swiss Steaks


Wow I remember before I went Paleo, every piece of beef was tough and had to be cooked a certain way, I have learned with grass fed beef is it doesn’t matter, it is going to be delicious and perfect everytime you cook it.  I didn’t need to bake these but it helped embark some […]

Beasty Country Style Pork Ribs


I wanted some pork but I didn’t want to do a typical rack of ribs, instead I picked up some country style pork ribs.  No problem if you don’t have a smoker or grill, you can do these in the oven and get a delicious result.  If you don’t like my Beasty BBQ Sauce you […]

Crock Pot 7-Bone Roast


You can never have enough crock pot recipes and this one was a grand slam.  This by far is the best crock pot roast that turned into a hearty beef stew.  You can easily prep it all the night before and then toss it in the pot in the morning or make it a weekend […]

Cluck-Moo Breakfast Sausage


The cave girl so eloquently put it, “In your Face Jimmy Dean”.  I know I was missing my breakfast sausage patties and all those store bought ones no matter where you get them normally have sugar added or some other bullcrap we shouldn’t be eating so we remade them and they were AMAZING.  Feel free […]

Grilled Rib Steak


his was a quick meal that needs no dressing up because the meat flavor speaks for itself, it is AMAZING.   Grilled Rib Steak Prep time 10 mins Cook time 12 mins Total time 22 mins   Serves: 1 Ingredients 1 grass-fed rib steak 1 tbsp kerry gold grass fed butter (optional) salt white pepper […]

Pork Chops and Applesauce


These are the juciest and best pork chops I have ever had or made.  How many of you grew up eating pork chops and just accepted they were always dry?  I did, but screw that grocery store pork, nothing like what I got from my farmer and will never buy meat from a store again […]

Pumpkin Coconut Squares


Thank you to the awesome Tropical Traditions for the base of this recipe.  I got it out of the free Virgin Coconut Oil book that you all get by ordering anything from them, and telling them you were referred by a friend and putting in number 7858840.  It’s that easy and these yummy bars are […]

Lime Grilled Chicken


Here is a super simple grilled chicken recipe in which you can toss the marinade together in 10 minutes and prepare a day or two or three in advance.  The lime in this really comes through even after it is cooked and gives it a perfect tang on a summer day.  Like always feel free […]

Strawberry Almond Brownies


So here is a variation on the Apricot Brownies I made.  You can call these brownies if you cut them this way or a cake, the texture is right in the middle but once you taste them you won’t care what you call them but GONE.  Feel free to get creative and change with all […]

Crock Pot Balsamic Roast


Just another super simple and super delicious crock pot meal that pairs well with any veggies you want, personally I would serve it over a bed of mashed cauliflower. If balsamic is not your favorite flavor, don’t be worried, it is not overpowering in this dish and you could always just tone it down to […]